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Sounds of Our World, 2020

 A free home learning resource for ages 5-8

Music is everywhere! It is in the whoosh of the wind, the patter of the rain, the rhythm of a train and the ding of a bell.


Sounds Of Our World is a poetry audiobook that explores the sounds of our planet. It takes children away from the kitchen table and transports them to new and exciting places from the howling jungles of Borneo to the icy clouds of the Mountain Kingdom of Lesotho and along the way they'll meet flocks of flamingos, gibbons, cicadas and so much more. Step into each sound world and be guided through the new terrain by our beguiling narrator, Phil McDermott.

Listening is an important sense that children are under-using. Soundscapes help young minds to forge connections and develop a deeper understanding of their world by listening closely to it. Far away places can be listened to, encouraging an attachment to new cultures and the natural world, as well as developing focused, active listening and creative thinking.


Soundscapes are also a great tool for mindfulness, they are calming and re-energising; the perfect tool to soothe a frazzled parent and child!

Along with each soundscape, there is a free activity resource to take the listening experience a step further. You can use the soundscapes as inspiration for creative writing, drama, painting, drawing, music and dance. Or simply take a moment to sit with your little one, listen, relax and let your minds wander.

Limpopo Nights Activity Pack

Limpopo Nights Print Friendly Activity Pack

Beach Activity Pack

Beach Print Friendly Activity Pack

Storm Song Activity Pack

Storm Song Print Friendly Activity Pack

Where are you now? Activity Pack

Where are you now? Print Friendly Activity Pack

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