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String, Piano and Scape Works, 2018

String Works, Piano Works and Scape Works are a series of EP's that were released throughout 2018 on 1631 Recordings and Decca Publishing.

'this is Claire’s triumph, through and through; she invites us into the heart of the storm, and we are delighted to follow.' A Closer Listen

'A poignant melancholy haunts “Silhouettes”, a delicately layered piece capable of evoking comparisons to the work of the wonderful late Jóhann Jóhannsson, as it shows a similar penchant for elevating introspective minimalism on a cinematic scale. The album concludes with “If the Moon Could Frown”, a stately and elegiac final coda full of clever interplay between the instruments exquisitely performed by the Iskra String Quartet. String Works may not burn long, but it burns bright, a hot blue flame that will leave you enraptured.' Stationary Travels. 

'Piano Works, a beguiling collection of bittersweet compositions and sketches performed on a range of pianos from grands and uprights to electric keyboards and toy & thumb types. Ever the consummate collaborator, this edition features Lucy alongside guest performances by cellist Ren Ford (Keaton Henson’s Romantic Works), violinist Marie Schreer (The Royal Northern Sinfonia), and ambient guitarist Pete Lambrou (VLMV).' Stationary Travels

Lucy Claire Piano Works.jpg

'The third and final installment in Lucy Claire‘s “Works” series is a beautifully conceived EP that takes her music out of the confines of living room and studio to integrate with a variety of soundscapes. In a rather fresh take on the concept, she has taken an especially interactive approach which, when combined with her keen sense of narrative and use of binaural recording techniques, creates a series of vivid, immersive and pleasantly disorienting scenes. The magic is in the layering and juxtaposing of the many field recordings used in each piece and then contriving musical reactions to each setting.' Stationary Travels

“a Lisbon tram journey,

a walk through an old ship building yard named Bucklers Hard,

a car journey across the Pennines in a hail storm
a walk along a towpath in Dorset,

a hike to a castle in Schwarzwald, Germany
a walk in the New Forest…”

Lucy Claire Scape Works.jpg

“Ninety-Nine Stones is a story about ninety-nine scientists based at the South Pole who had seen nothing but snow, ice and man-made objects for several months at a time. One year someone smuggled in ninety-nine stones and as a Christmas gift gave each resident at the base one stone. Everyone sat holding their stones in quiet reflection feeling the weight of the stone without uttering a word.  I imagined the jumble of sounds they might each individually be hearing in their heads, sounds from all around the world, where home is and where the pebble took them back to. I wanted to make them all sound at once. The solo violin part performed by my long time collaborator Marie Schreer and is my musical reaction to the story.” 

Lucy Claire, Recording Underground.JPG

“I’ve used soundscapes a lot in my work and this time I wanted to try recording a musical reaction to a soundscape in the actual place. The last piece on the record, Underground, was performed in Canary Wharf station, underground, beneath The City and all the decisions being made in the sky. I performed it along with the soundscape – each take is different as I reacted to the people going past, the ever-changing soundscape and the continuous beeping of the ticket barrier. The soundscape is as important as the piano.”

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