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UNTITLED 28 , 2017/2019

Marie-Louise Jones

Lucy Claire

Untitled 28 was a sculpture, video and sound installation created in 28 days by artist Marie-Louise Jones and composer Lucy Claire. It was exhibited in July 2017 at Here East in London as part of Gavin Turk and Anna Maloney’s show, Inside Out. The sound works were released in 2019 by 1631 Recordings.

The music reflects each sculpture in the installation and explores themes of duality and pairs through atmospheric binaural recordings, beautiful violin melodies and vocal textures. The materials used in the physical installation; wood, stone and metal play a prominent role in the music and the sounds created when collided together were used to create unusual textures which were weaved into the piece.

Sculpture/Video by Marie Louise Jones

Music by Lucy Claire
Mixed by Lucy Claire and Josh Green

Violin - Ioana Forna

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