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Suite, 2013

A two track EP released on This Is It Forever records. 

'It may be a small package, but it is a jewel of a record that should not be missed, full of artfully woven textures and subtle nuances that unfold with each listen. Lucy works in traditional classical, modern film, and electroacoustic composition and brings all those skills and sensibilities to the table to create these beautiful works, ‘No. 1.  Rituals in Dust’ and ‘No 2. Fantasia on Mildew’. The golden threads of these tapestries are the chamber style compositions.  The piano based melodies are contemplative, if not mournful, and the strings are exquisite with the cello adding rich and satisfying gravitas and the violin summoning the deep emotions to the surface.  The fabric into which they are sewn are the layers of field recordings, processed effects, and electronic instrumentation which add depth, color, and mood throughout each piece.' Stationary Travels

Lucy Claire Suite.jpg
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