Film by Louis Mas

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Film by David Trevail


Stille ft. Alev Lenz


In collaboration with Marie-Louise Jones



I am interested in exploring the theme of loss and sonic memory. What sounds are lost? What sounds do people remember from the past that are now lost to them?


I am also exploring the idea of deep and active listening. In today’s visually focused and fast-paced society, listening is a sense that most people are under-using, it is a much more passive activity that is often taken for granted. It is a sense that helps us understand our place in the world. Sound, space and place produce emotional ‘trigger to remember’ responses and interact in a way to produce autobiographical memory. It provides a means of ‘touch’ at a distance and there are many examples throughout history that show collective bonding through listening. I am keen to encourage more ritualistic and meditative listening experiences. 

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I am really interested in the sounds you might have lost.