I like collaboration. 

Untitled 28 - Collaboration with Marie Louise Jones 

Created in 28 days in collaboration with sculptor and installation artist Marie-Louise Jones. Exploring the theme of pairs, a sound piece was composed in response to the sculptures. It was exhibited at Inside Out at Here East, London which was curated by Gavin Turk & Anna Maloney in July 2017. 

BEAUGAN - A film by Louis Mas

Fashion film for brand Beaugan. Directed by Louis Mas. Release date TBC. 

Croydon Plays Itself - Collaboration with Harold Offeh

In collaboration with artist Harold Offeh, The Museum of Croydon and the young people of The Samuel Coleridge Taylor Youth Group.

The installation was exhibited at Turf Projects, Whitgift Centre, Croydon, 

18 Jan  – 2 Mar 2019. 

Lost Sounds/Are you listening?

A sound walk with Thread and Word

‘What sounds do you remember from your past but are now lost to you? Or what sounds are precious to you that you wouldn’t want to be lost?’ 

Selene; Music for contemporary dance

Collaboration with Imogen Bland

Premiered at Union Chapel, London

Released on 1631 Recordings/Decca Publishing

Choreography by Imogen Bland.

Artwork by Rebecca Freeman.

Collaborations No.1 

Ft. Alev Lenz and Bruised Skies

a day without olives is like a day

Collaboration with Jack Piers Scott

An audible version of Jack Piers Scott's latest book of poetry and prose, with texts ranging from descriptions of voyeuristic well-dressed gentlemen, to royalty in the throws of an existential crisis, all entwined within an amazingly wild/meditative/surreal world of manipulated audio, field recordings and electro acoustic composition. 

Collaborations No.2 

Ft. Alev Lenz, Yuri Kono and Marie Schreer 

Released on This is it forever Records 

Let's Take a Moment 

Collaboration with Elspeth Penfold

Sound piece created using recordings made on a sound walk for Reflect Arts + Minds. 

Created with funding from Arts Council England, in partnership with Sound UK and LV21 in October 2019.

Rise Above - A film by Jeongeun Choi

Released on This is it forever Records 

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I am really interested in the sounds you might have lost.