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Hello, welcome to my new blog!

I am at the beginning of a new project, a transition step, where I am learning lots of new things and experimenting with sound, movement and sound drawing. I thought I would share my journey here.

In January 2015 I began to feel twinges in my arms and weakness in my hands and fingers. It was uncomfortable but generally I ignored it. By March 2015, I had full blown repetitive strain injury (RSI) and I had no choice but to rest, pausing the majority of that year. It was painful both physically and emotionally. I couldn't practice and I couldn't use a computer for more than 10 minutes at a time without a break.

I am now able to manage my RSI to some extent, but I will never be able to play the piano as well as I'd like to or practice as much as I like. Computer work is still a challenge so creating things takes me more time. I still have periods of RSI pauses where I am unable to work or create. I have tried a lot of things including osteopathy, acupuncture and Alexander Technique and found these things to be very helpful. But by far the most effective practice I have found is Tai Chi and Qi Gong. It works wonders and I am bound to do it every day to manage the problem.

Over the past few years I have started to sketch my music as I write it. It allows me to slow down my composition practice instead of pushing my body too far. It is a meditative process and a creative process which focus' my mind instead of allowing it to go down the rabbit hole of frustration and anxiety.

I want to develop a practice that allows me to combine my movement practice with my music through the medium of dynamic sketching. I want to use my RSI interventions to inspire my music. I want to develop a healthy practice for my body that allows me to continue to create.

I plan to share my learning, my inspiration, my adventures in sound collecting, tips on managing RSI, my creative process, collections of sound drawings and the music I write.

I would love to hear from you! Please do get in touch if you have any thoughts about my new project or experience of RSI.


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