Hailing from Sunderland in the North-East of England, sound artist and composer, Lucy Claire explores the sounds of the natural world, the sea and urban landscapes in her art and music.


Exploring a balance between alternative, electronic, classical music and real-world sounds, birdsong, shuffling feet and muted conversations are as important in her compositions as the cello and violin and the result is highly immersive. Lucy believes that music often reflects the landscapes surrounding a composer whether its real or imaginary. Always keen to explore and collect sounds, Lucy spends a lot of time outside walking and gathering. The layers of soundscapes in her work interweave, becoming slightly disorientating and blurring ideas of space and time. Lucy is interested in deep and active listening and is exploring the idea of lost sounds and how sounds can trigger memories.


Throughout 2018 Lucy released a series of three EPs with Swedish label 1631 Recordings and Decca Publishing. Each record focuses on a different palette of sounds but collectively they define Lucy’s style and unique ability to combine melodic classical writing with contemporary production and immersive soundscapes to create beautiful and atmospheric music that spans many audiences.


As a composer, Lucy has diverse experience in scoring and producing music for a wide range of projects including contemporary dance, film as well as for installation art. In 2017, she scored Untitled 28, a multi-media installation produced in collaboration with artist Marie-Louise Jones in a short time frame of 28 days for exhibition Inside Out curated by Gavin Turk and Anna Maloney at Here East, London. 


Lucy moved to London in 2010 to study a masters degree in composition for film at London’s Royal College of Music. She now works from her studio in London and is currently writing an audiobook about active listening for children.

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I am really interested in the sounds you might have lost.