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Collaborations NO.2

- out NOW


First look at Collaborations No.2 art work by Jack Scott!

First look at Collaborations No.2 art work by Jack Scott!


Alev Lenz - writing Her bir çocuk at One Good Lied a Day

Alev Lenz - writing Her bir çocuk at One Good Lied a Day

Marie Schreer and Josh Green working at One Good Lied a Day  

Marie Schreer and Josh Green working at One Good Lied a Day


Yuri Kono recording at One Good Lied a Day  

Yuri Kono recording at One Good Lied a Day


Lucy ep art.png
Lucy ep art.png

Collaborations No. 1 and Suite

by Lucy Claire

Upcoming Shows


16th July 2016 - LONDON (GB) @ St John on Bethnal Green Church

                 1631 recordings 1st Birthday party!


Past Shows

28th March 2016 - LONDON (GB) @ One Good Lied A Day Celebrating PIANO DAY! and Collaborations No. 2 release! 

                  With Alev Lenz, Yuri Kono and Marie Schreer.


20th November - LONDON (GB) @ Sebright Arms CHAOS THEORY presents Whispers and Hurricanes

18th September - LONDON (GB) @ Sebright Arms supporting Her Name Is Calla

20th September - BRIGHTON (GB) @ The Haunt. Nice Weather For Airstrikes Festival. Tickets here....

27th June - LONDON (GB) @ Union Chapel's Daylight Music. Premier performance of  Moon/Yew. 

19th March - LONDON (GB) @ Old St Pancras Church supporting Evi Vine

8th December - LONDON (GB) @ The Sebright Arms supporting T.E Morris. Performance featured an excerpt of Moon/Yew with dancer Imogen Bland

15th September - LONDON (GB) @ a secret location. Society of the Golden Slippers presents KT Tunstall and Lucy Claire. 

© Brad Inglis (UBPICS)

14th September - LONDON (GB) @ Kings Place Festival Arctic Circle presents...

28th June - LONDON (GB) @ The Star of Kings. Showcasing work in progress  'The Moon and The Yew Tree' with dancer  Imogen Bland for The Sarah Groves Foundation. 

19th June - LONDON (GB) @ Servant Jazz Quarters Chaos Theory presents: Lucy Claire 'Collaborations No 1' EP Launch. With a String Quartet, Bruised Skies, Alev Lenz, Leah Kardos and Jim Perkins. 

9th June - LONDON (GB) @ Lumiere. Showcasing work in progress 'The Moon and The Yew Tree' with dancer Imogen Bland. Come talk to us! 

30th May - LONDON (GB) @ Power Lunches

10th May - LONDON (GB) @ The Royal Albert Hall Elgar rooms supporting JULIANNA BARWICK

1st May - LONDON (GB) @ Cargo supporting NORDIC GIANTS

4th March 2014 - BIRTHDAYS, London


11th February 2014 - The Finsbury, London

3rd November 2013 - The Good Ship, London



26th October 2013 - Union Chapel, London

                                 - Daylight Music



Lucy Claire is a London based composer originally from the North East of England. Trained at London’s Royal College of Music in composition and music for the moving image Lucy has collaborated with many filmmakers, choreographers and artists on projects as well as releasing solo work and performing live around London. Lucy is currently writing and recording her debut album for a release in Summer 2016. 

Photo by Alex Kozabolis

Photo by Alex Kozabolis

‘a swell of strings that leaves you feeling suspended in a sea of melodies"
Drowned In Sound

“the luxurious and multi-layered performance, utilizes her profound knowledge of textures and forward-thinking progressions on ‘Stille’.”

The 405

'Birdsong, shuffling feet and muted conversation are as important in her compositions as cello and violin, or overlaid glitchy electronics. The result is immersive and slightly  disorienting’

- Dani Charlton/Amazing Radio

‘this standalone music has a cinematic quality to it, though it creates images in your mind, rather than complementing them in front of your eyes.’
- Andy Malt  @ CMU

'One of the best things on the Quietus'stereo this week has been composer Lucy Claire's Suite EP, sent to us by Ghosting Season's Gavin Miller, who'll be putting it out on his This Is It Forever label.

It's the output of a trio comprising violin, cello and piano, combined with the hum and buzz of field recordings and electronic ambience, making for brilliant, delicately-wrought sketches, run through with an at-times unerringly sinister edge. The EP calls to mind contemporary classical abstraction as much as Mogwai's 'Christmas Steps' and The Lark Ascending over the its two tracks, 'Rituals In Dust' and 'Fantasia On Mildew', with Ghosting Season's Thomas Ragsdale turning in an ace, gently house-y remix of the latter under his Winter Son guise as well.'

Laurie Tuffrey, The Quietus August 9th, 2013

“A must-listen for everyone who is into classical, ambient and/or experimental music.”

Nothing But Hope And Passion

'Another week another amazing demo! Composer Lucy Claire incorporates binaural recordings into her own brand of lush string and piano based textures and glitchy electronics, creating something that is warm yet unsettling all at once.' - FAT CAT RECORDS

'It’s hard to be the standout on a 40-song compilation, but that’s what we said about Lucy Claire‘s “Paelistin” when we reviewed SEQUENCE6 - A Closer Listen



Lucy Claire - Music || Imogen Bland - Dance


Live at Union Chapel's Daylight Music    

Live at Union Chapel's Daylight Music